M&D Waist Trimmer Belt/Neoprene 0152

M&D Waist Trimmer Belt/Neoprene 0152

SKU: MYD0152

Composition: 35% Neoprene - 25% Polyester - 19% Polyamide -14% Latex - 7% PVC

Compression: High.


This neoprene gym belt is ideal for daily and workout routine.


  • Inner flexible boning that provides comfortable support in the lower back.
  • Double adjustment.
  • It offers wide coverage in the back and defines the abdominal area for greater comfort.
  • Ideal for the gym and sports activities.
  • Corrects posture, prevents hernias and/or muscle tears at the lumbar level.
  • Reduces the risk of injuries related to lifting weights.
  • Helps to shape, control and reduce the contour of the waist in the abdomen.
  • Adaptive compression
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    Color: Black